Three Adrenaline Rushes You Can Enjoy Near Denver

Drop through the sky at 125 mph, zip through the treeline, or test your driving skills in a Lamborghini Superleggera Gallardo. No matter what you choose it’ll likely make your heart pump faster and send adrenaline surging through your veins for quite the rush. Feel like giving it a go? If so, check out these three companies near Denver that’ll feed the inner adrenaline junkie inside you.

Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

There’s a reason why Mile-Hi Skydiving is the top-ranked skydiving company in Colorado. They are the largest facility in the state, possess a full-time fleet of jet-prop aircraft that sees 35,000 jumps made annually and they take jumpers to an altitude of 17,500′ for one hell of a freefall. And the best part is that Mi-High is only 35-minutes from Denver.

Photo courtesy of Mile-Hi Skydiving.

First timers can look forward to a Tandem Fun Jump which will include preflight training and briefing, all equipment, a one-way plane ride, approximately one minute of freefall, a five-minute parachute ride with a professional nationally licensed instructor, and the experience of a lifetime.

Check out their prices here.

Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience

Oxotic puts drivers behind the wheel of cars people dream of owning including Lamborghinis, a Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsches, and a Mercedes AMG GTS. Drivers also choose from five “rally style” tours ranging from a 15-mile canyon curving drive to 105-mile five, 1,000 curves, 4 hours supercharged experience.

Check out their different packages and prices here.

Photo courtesy of Oxotic.

Colorado Zip Line

The Cliffside Idaho Springs Zipline course sends people zipping 2,360 feet through paths of trees and soaring cliffs complete with drops and an exciting ride above of Chicago Creek. Visitors can also enjoy the 600-foot Dual Race Line and a 50-foot cliffside free fall.

Prices and packages can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Colorado Zip Line.

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