5 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pills N Potions’ Has Us Excited For ‘The Pink Print’

Are you excited to hear Nicki Minaj’s third album, The Pink Print? If not, do yourself a favor and go listen to the new Dr. Luke-produced single, “Pills N Potions,” which Nicki released very early this morning.

Once you hear it, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be intrigued enough to write the release date for Nicki’s next project on your calendar. It’s clear that she’s headed in the right direction with the album, so here are 5 reasons why “Pills N Potions” has us excited for The Pink Print.

starships why pills N potions has us excited for her album the pink print

Reason #1. It doesn’t sound anything like “Starships.”
There’s no denying that “Starships” was a hit. It landed at the top of a handful of Billboardcharts and was a big song for Nicki. But that song was made specifically to get spins on the radio and upset a lot of people who have been down with Nicki since the beginning. It also proved that Nicki was going to make a conscious effort to make more pop records.

However, on “Pills N Potions,” she’s struck a good balance. The hook is catchy enough to get her on the radio. But she’s still rapping on the song and doing so in a way that shows that she cares about what rap fans think of her words. That balance is something that’s been missing in her music for a few years now (outside of some of her amazing guest verses!).

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