A Changed Man: Lil’ Boosie Talks About His Reincarnation After Prison (Video)

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Lil’ Boosie is clearly a changed man. Before his extended prison bid, the Louisiana rapper had a penchant for drugs, guns and strippers. But as a free man, Boosie Bad Azz is almost the opposite. During his first post prison interview, he told VIBE that he was done with drugs and has stuck by his word.

On Tuesday (Apr.22), VIBE sat down with the rapper for another update on his progress and future career plans. As promised Boosie says his next album will be released on July. 15 and assures us that he has all the bases covered. From big name guest spots from Young Jeezy and original production from Big K.R.I.T., the as-of-yet-tiled project consists of all brand new songs recorded after he came home. Along with a new clothing line dubbed Jewel House, Baton Rouge’s most celebrated artist only has hard work on his to-do list.

On his recent trip to New York:
“I basically came up here to lock down my deal with Atlantic—get all the paper work signed, do all the radio, all the interviews. I’m just trying to work. I got my own clothing line now called Jewel House. New York been sweet to me for a long time.”

On his new clothing line: Jewel House
“For years, I got Coogi rich and LRG. Now, it’s time [for me] to set a trend with my clothing line. You know I got the hair cut trend. I’m blessed to be a trend setter.”

On keeping up with today’s rap scene:
“I don’t lose swag and I don’t lose rhythm. And, I’m on point to what’s going on in the world. [What other people are doing] that don’t define my music. I’m not following in the footsteps of other dudes who are on top of the game right now. I just make my Boosie music and that puts me in my own lane.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLqirraJYLM&w=520&h=315]

On why he doesn’t glorify jail:
“Jail ain’t the place to be. Don’t glorify jail. I been having people coming up to me like ‘You did that jail time!’ What are you talking about? You don’t want to go in that place. [Jail] ain’t a place for humans. That place is designed for you to become an animal. I don’t want kids to glorify jail. That’s the wrong thing.”

“You should never think like ‘You go to jail and you come home a G’ Because it only takes one mistake for you to never come home. I just want to tell the kids across the nation that jail ain’t cool. Ain’t nothing about jail cool. Ain’t nothing about having to eat slop all day—having your family come and you can’t leave with them. Ain’t nothing cool about having to shower with 16 men a day. You got to be crazy if you want to go to jail.”

On being a changed man:
“You’ll never see me with guns in videos anymore. When you get in trouble and they prosecute you, they show that to the jury. You won’t hear me calling out D.A.’s names anymore. It’s not worth it. It’s all about the music. It’s all about being successful. “
Source: Vibe

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