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Denver is a drinking city. With a rich craft beer industry, and loads of bars in every corner, there are so many reasons to hit the bar for a few drink and some good food. And like every good drinker, you have to look for the best happy hour for that optimal buzz in a very optimal budget.

To help you out, here are some of the joints with the best happy hour in Denver:

Blue Ice Martini Lounge

Blue Ice Martini Lounge

Popular as the best Salsa Lounge in Denver, they also have one of the best happy hour offers in Denver. With their daily happy hour from 5pm to 9pm, you can take advantage of their 2-for-1 You call it drinks. And these are not watered down drinks. The selection includes some strong concoctions and premium beers. On Mondays, they also have all day (night) $3 Martinis and $3 draft beers as well. Mention Daily Happy Hour in your next visit and you get a $10 bar tab as well.

Happy Hour: Monday to Thursday, 5pm-9pm

22 Broadway, Denver, CO, 303.777.3433


Charlie Brown’s Bar and Grill

Charlie Brown Bar and Grill

Two-for-one drinks and cheap but delicious food is the name of the game at Charlie’s. But the fun does not end there, chill at their smoking patio and get some free wings every Friday. In Summers, that free pig is replces by en even more decadent roast pig, also for free. Once you get your buzz and remove your inhibitions, you can see if you have a hidden singer within you by singing along the piano lounge.

Happy Hour: Daily, 4pm-6:30pm and 10:30pm-12:30am

980 Grant St., Denver, CO, 303.860.1655


Hasu Asian Bistro & Sushi

Hasu Asian Bistro

Nowhere else can you find a glorious combination of discounted (but sinfully delicious) sushi and two-for-one drink offers in Denver. So if you feel like getting some sushi and some beer to wash it dow, Hasu is the only place to go.

Happy Hour: Daily, 2:30-6pm

250 Steele St, Denver, CO, 303.722.9968




If Tacos and Martinis are your thing, then Machete is the choice. Their superb tacos become even more delicious when you can order them at about $2 cheaper. Pair it with their Margarita and/or beer specials and you are good to go.

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday, 2pm-7pm

2817 E 3rd Ave, Denver, CO, 303.333.1567


Adrift Tiki Bar & Grill

Adrift Tiki Bar

If you are in the mood for something Polynesian there is only one place to go in Denver, literally. Adrift is actually the only Tiki Bar in Denver but it serves some of the best (half-off) Mai Tais and other classic mixes as well. The food is ok but not exceptional but they make it up for longer happy hours.

Happy Hour: Sunday-Thursday, 5pm-7pm; Friday-Saturday, 4pm-7pm

218 S Broadway, Denver, CO, 303.778.8454