Blue Ice Martini Lounge – Drinking, Dancing & Salsa Night

Blue Ice Denver

Blue Ice Martini Lounge

22 Broadway Denver (map)  |   303.777.3433   |  Facebook

There are many bars and restaurants in the Baker District but it seems like Blue Ice Denver was not only able to make a niche for themselves among the many iconic joints in this area, but it seems that they are thriving; locking up the dance-club market. And it is not only the hip-hop crowd who are becoming regular patrons of this LoDo Bar. Salsa enthusiasts have flocked this joint especially because of their weekly Salsa night. The decision to host a different theme each night—from hip-hop to salsa and tango—has paid off amazingly for this South Broadway nightclub.

And the place is pretty chill for a nightclub as well. When the beats are not rockin on weekends, the couches are just inviting you to just relax and have a few drinks after work on weekdays as well.

Where the Drinks are Cheaper but still Awesome

Another reason why Blue Ice has attracted more patrons is their bar. Some of the best cocktails from very skilled bartenders—it doesn’t hurt that they look great as well. They serve some damn delicious Mojitos, great Martinits, a rich collection of different Tequilas, and a friend had something that the bartender made with Jagermeister; we don’t know what it was but it was delicious. We probably had more drinks than we should but they are much more affordable than what you can get from the other upscale places that surround the joint.

Come during happy hour at 4pm to 8pm everyday, cheaper drinks combined with great food. You would think that it is all about the drinks but the food–American, Cuban, Carribean–prepared by Chef Santiago are well made and are very filling.

Salsa, Hip-hop, Goth, Anything Special Event…

As said above, Blue Ice hosts different themes each night. It serves as some sort of melting pot not only for different genres of music but of different cultures as well.

Some of their popular themes include Goth/Industrial nights every Tuesday. No pastel colored shirts if you do not want to stand out in a bad way.  Every Saturday is Hip-hop night and the house is always packed that night.

Surprisingly, it is one of the hottest Salsa joints in Denver. Every Friday is Salsa night with an instructor in the early hours and a free-for-all dance floor later. With its success, they are now also hosting Salsa every last Thursday of every month this 2015.

Good food, great drinks, and a whole lot of dancing in the middle of the Baker District.

Blue Ice Martini Lounge

22 Broadway Denver (map)


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