Boko Haram Group Will Exchange The 276 Nigerian Girls For Their Imprisoned Allies [Video]

One month since 276 Nigerian girls were kidnapped from their school, they have reemerged. Fortunately, they are unharmed but were reportedly forced to convert from Christian to Muslim.

Yesterday (May 12) while Solange’s elevator fiasco seemed to overshadow larger issues, the Boko Haram clan released a video featuring some of the abducted girls dressed in traditional Muslim garb, seated on the forest floor, reciting coerced words of liberation.

In the 27-minute film, the leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau, goes on a global rant as he reflects on snatching these young ladies, “These girls you occupy yourselves with—we have indeed liberated them. These girls have become Muslims. They’re Muslims.” He grinningly tells the camera before reciting his proposition.

“It’s now four or five years since you arrested our brethren and they’re still in your prisons and you’re doing many things to them,” the groups Commander-in-Chief speaks of the rumored violent acts performed on imprisoned Haram members. “And now you’re talking about these girls. We’ll never release them until after you release our brothers.”

The UK, US, and France are reportedly sending their special teams to Nigeria to locate the girls. They hope the released video will give them some insight on their location.

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