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13 Tips For Great Abs

FOLLOW A HIGH-PROTEIN, LOWER-CARB DIET Your diet is essential in building a lean physique. It is important to consume 4- to-6 small meals per day; this helps to speed up your metabolism at an incredibly rapid rate. Eating smaller meals more often will help you avoid overeating and will curb hunger. Along with eating frequent, […]

Things to Do In and Around Denver this Week (Oct 9-15 2017)

Here are the things you can do in and around Denver this week. Celebrate Hispanic Culture at the last week of National Hispanic Heritage Month This is an annual celebration of culture, history, and many contributions of the Hispanic community to what the United States of America is today. It is in its last week […]


[tps_header] The perfect abdominal Workout Do 4 sets of 15 on each exercise with no rest until done with all seven exercises. And rest 60 sec and repeat for three rounds. If you what to step it up do 4 sets of 25-30 if what to go hard… Remember if you what to see them […]

Sexy Summer Workout For Ladies

[tps_header]Its Time to Get Summer Sexy….. Lady’s with summer around the corner it’s time to get right. Here’s a good workout to get you on your way to that sexy summer body. Repeat 3 times with a 60 sec rest between each set. [/tps_header] [tps_title]50 Jumping Jacks[/tps_title]