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4 Colorado Hot Springs You Must Try

Best Hot Springs in Colorado

More than just the great ski slopes of the Rockies, Colorado is also home to some great hot springs. In fact, some of these hot springs were already popular with Native American tribes even before the arrival of the first European settlers. And with the high altitude weather in the region, it is no wonder why soaking on hot springs has become a favorite.

To get you started, here are the best hot springs in Colorado.


Indian Hot Springs

indian hot springs
Recognizes as one of top mineral hot springs in the world, you will surely have a relaxing time here. You can choose to enjoy their spa services or just soak yourself in their hot springs. You get different choices too. There is the Geo-thermal cave baths, which are baths inside caves filled with naturally hot mineral water. There is also a big hot mineral water pool for a more outdoor type of relaxing. Other options include Club Mud and outdoor Jacuzzis.

Idaho Springs, CO 303.989.6666


Glenwood Hot Springs

glenwood hot springs
Relax in the biggest natural hot spring pool in the world. Yup, not only in Colorado, not only in US but the whole world. You can swim laps, enjoy the slide, or simply dive in the massive 405ft by 100 ft pool. If you are not in the mood for giant hot springs, there is also a smaller, but hotter, therapeutic pool for you to relax in. The resort also lets you enjoy world class facilities while giving you a beautiful view of the Rockies.

415 East 6th Street Glenwood Springs, CO 800.537.7946


Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry hot springs
The terrain going here might be tricky, especially during winter. But once you get here, it is definitely hard to leave. The resort is relaxing in its own simplicity. The resort features a large hot spring pool with sandy bottom for your tired feet. There is little light during the night but this adds to the beauty of the resort. Besides, a lot of guests here prefer to go in without clothes at night and more light would just ruin the experience.

44200 County Road Steamboat Springs, CO 970.879.0342


The Springs Resort and Spa

the spring resort and spa
Located at Pagosa Springs, they have multiple pools with varying degrees of temperatures. In fact, we recommend the cooler pools first before dipping in their Lobster Pot pool, which could go as hot as 109o Farenheit.

165 Hot Springs Blvd. Pagosa Springs, CO 800.225.0934


These are only some of the more popular hot springs in Colorado. Where do you and your families and friends go for some relaxing hot spring time? or staycation

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