Pineapple CÎROC

Diddy’s Pineapple CÎROC Recipes

You Ciroc fans aka #CirocBoys and #CirocGirls have something to celebrate today, with Diddy’s  Pineapple CÎROC Recipes. On his instagram page he stated the new favor will be COMING IN A FEW WEEKS!!


[tps_header]The versatility of the liquid offers consumers an expanded range for cocktail creativity. Recommended simple mixers are tonic, orange juice, and soda. Give these following recipes a mix![/tps_header]



[tps_title]CÎROC Spritz[/tps_title]

1 1/2 oz. CIROC Pineapple

3 oz. Sprite

Orange Wedge

Glass: High Ball





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