Does Rihanna Pull Off Pink’s Signature Bubblegum Cropped Cut?

By now, we all know Rihanna has no phucks to give when it comes to switching up her looks. She can go from shaved sides to blonde bobs to mermaid waves and look flawless every single time. She’s already done the Kool-Aid red hair in the past, so this time Ms. Fenty decided to dive into the softer side of the spectrum with her wiggery.

Taking a page from fellow female titan Nicki Minaj, Bad Gal Riri rocks a Pepto Bismal-pink wig alongside bestie Melissa Forde. “We raided Nicki’s wig closet for the summer! Bad gals just wanna have fun!” she tweeted of the new ‘do.

Flip through to see how well she handles Pink’s signature style.

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