Easter Vs. 4/20: Who Celebrated What?

Coincidentally, saints and sinners both share a day of celebration today (Apr. 20) as Easter Sunday falls on the same date as the coveted stoner’s holiday, 4/20. And all around the Internets, celebs are deciding which festivities to partake in. While it was a no-brainer for most of these, take a look at Easter Vs. 4/20: Who Celebrated What? — Iyana Robertson

1. If your birthday falls on 4/20 and you don’t smoke, Schoolboy Q is ashamed of you.

2. J. Lo takes the Eatster route — bonnet style.

3. Snoop and Miley vote “puff, puff, pass.”

4. With the caption, “Yes, I do. Happy Easter. Blessings and Peace be with u.#TheResurrection,” Nicki Minaj chose Easter.

5. Curren$y chose… both?

6. Kevin Hart celebrated Easter, with a walk. Hashtag usage: #Blessed #happyeaster#GodIsGood”

7. “Or naw?” -Rihanna

8. No age limit on Easter baskets for Angela Simmons.

9. Charlamagne says today is a win-win.

10. “Word up Easter” -Solange

Source: Vibe

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