First Date Tips If You Are Going Out in Denver

There are so many layers in Denver. There’s the food scene, the beer scene, the outdoor lifestyle, the city lifestyle, and the downtown lifestyle. So, taking your special someone out can present some challenges.

This is doubly so when you are going out with someone for the first time and you don’t know the person’s preferences yet. The best you can do is play it safe and not do something totally outrageous on the first date.

To help you out, here are some tips.

Don’t get high

This may seem basic but we are in Denver, the land of the legal weed. It may turn out that your date may enjoy the good stuff as much as you do, but until you find this out, starting the date being high as a kite is not a good idea. If you find out that she is into that, then maybe on the next date. If not, well, you can introduce her to the bomb later on.

Don’t get hammered LoDo style

Nothing against LoDo, but the place is littered with bars with great happy hours. And when there is happy hour, there are more people getting drunk. Like “I just turned 21 and now I can drink” kind of drunk. Take her to a more relax and intimate place. Take her to a place with a nice view like Izakaya Den. The rooftop patio there is the bomb, and the large menu of small plates is perfect for sampling and sharing. There is also the Fire Terrace at the Art Hotel. Great view of Broadway and the Museum District, with great cocktails. Anyway, Denver has no shortage of chill places for first dates.

Try wholesome activities

Aside from hanging out in places with great views, you can also go to spots where there are activities you can do together like Ace Eat Serve. Aside from great Asian fares, they also have awesome ping pong tables. You can also go bowling at Punchbowl, or play Giant Jenga at the Matchbox. If those are not your jam, Denver has a lot of restaurants and bars with other fun activities.

Don’t order Bud, go Craft

You are in Denver, the best craft beer city, and you are ordering a Bud. That is just blasphemy to the Denver Beer Gods. If you are not yet baptized in the ways of the craft beer, you can download PintPass on your smarphone so that you know which restaurants serve craft beers, and which kinds they have on tap.

Last, be your (nice) self

It is a cliché, but it is true. It is a widely-known fact that most people in the world do not like pretentious assholes. So, do not be one.


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