Gentlemen’s Corner: King Los on Family, Fame, and FaceTime

King Los has been showcasing his knack for lyricism and wordplay for quite some time, with accolades from many industry power players. But, despite his major accomplishments, crossover commercial success continues to evade him. “I may be not as known as I should be, but underrated—I get the highest of accolades as far as my craft goes.” Upon speaking to the 32-year-old rapper and family man—he and gf Lola Monroe gave birth to a baby boy last year—you get an immediate understanding of just how philosophical the Bad Boy affiliate is. His thoughtful outlook on life manifests in his music. The metaphorical chess master knows his position, appreciates his guidance, and understands that his success will only magnify. We caught up with the Baltimore-native following the release of his latest mixtape, Zero Gravity 2 and midst of his In My Own Lane tour with Kid Ink and Bizzy Crook. King Los opens up about everything from fame to his family life—and even volunteers to FaceTime a fan. Find out how after the jump.

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