Get Your Fix: Donut Shops Open After 6pm…So It Begins

Donuts. Donuts. Donuts. I love donuts! Cake donuts and yeast donuts. Jelly, sugar, glazed, and powdered donuts. Bear claws, fritters, twists, chocolate, Bavarian creme, Cruller, French Cruller, Long Johns, old-fashioned, fancy, and donut holes. I love them all, but I have to be honest. Sometimes getting out of bed, into the car, and then driving to wherever to get a dozen or two of these freshly made miracles of life is a bit too much early in the morning. Of course if someone were to go get them for me, I wouldn’t have a problem rolling out of bed to eat a fritter or two. No problem at all. But what about those cravings I get later in the day; say 6pm when most of the bakeries in Denver have been closed for hours? Where can I get my fix; the opportunity to feast upon a donut that has stood the test of time within a glass case to remain tasty, halfway moist, and even worthy of its name, donut?


It may be a chain, it may be a grocery store, or maybe a mom and pop shop I’ve never heard of; I don’t know. But I’m going to find out. For you. For me. For all of the donut lovers reading this right now. I’m going to hit the streets of Denver for this Get Your Fix series to see who’s open and if they’re donuts are indeed worth making that all important, sweet-induced craving of a drive in order to pick up a box for the whole family, or just you.

And so it begins… 

First in this series came to me by happy accident right before dinner the other night. Donuts before dinner you ask? You bet your ass donuts before dinner! That’s how strong the craving was. So as my wife was driving I opened up Google Maps in order to see if there were any shops close by and as luck had it, City Donuts on Peoria Street in Aurora just so happened to be five minutes away and you guessed it, they were open!

At City Donuts, we are excited to share with you, our unique bakery craftsmanship. With over 50 years of industry experience, our team of bakers are proud to serve you our timeless recipes – handcrafted and fresh daily.


Apparently this place had some serious donuts, at least that’s what their website was telling me as I urged my wife to drive a bit faster. In fact, they were voted “Best Donuts in Denver” by Best of Westword, 2016.

So what did I choose? The bear claw, a  fritter, chocolate and cherry frosting, cinnamon crumb, one with tiny Oreo chunks on top,  a twist…shall I keep going?

Bite after bite, one after the other, I dove into these beauties enjoying every delicious second. The only one that came off a little dry was the bear claw but that didn’t deter me from eating most of it anyway. The best out of the bunch on this day, though? I’d have to give my vote to either the cinnamon or Oreo crunch.

Interested in their full menu? Click here.

I’m not sure how long the donuts had been sitting out but all in all, I’d definitely say this place is a must visit for anyone out there like me that likes to enjoy a good pre-dinner or after 6pm donut.

Cheers to you City Donuts!


Yes I do.






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