Get Your Fix: Donut Shops Open After 6pm…Part Deux

Date nights on a Friday in Denver can mean brewery hoppin’, dinner and a movie, First Friday food trucks, art, and live music down on Santa Fe, and for this guy, that ever present craving for some late night donuts when it’s time to wind down. But at 11 o’clock at night? Where would I find such a place?

Habit Doughnut Dispensary. That’s where.

Habit Doughnut Dispensary—born in Denver, raised on hip hop—dispenses irresistible confections and naughty neighborhood necessities near Confluence Park.
Known as the “cheeky bakery on Platte” carving out a commanding presence in Denver’s doughnut scene with premium, chef-driven doughnuts, monsta cinnamon rolls and shooters of whiskey with (or without) a cuppa coffee.

Habit was actually closed by the time we arrived but knowing Carbon tends to keep some leftover goodness from next door on hand, it would still count for this review and everything would be alright. And sure enough, as soon as we stepped through the door there they were. And yea, choices may be limited but come on, it was 11 and we weren’t looking to be picky. So, we simply went with the first two that caught out eye; the Plain Jane and Chai Tea.

Anyone who knows me or read my last post, understands that one or two donuts usually isn’t good enough. But on this night, I felt the need to go simple, test out just these two. (It could have been that I downed a giant ice cream cone about 10 minutes prior though.)

Now I’m not going to get all fancy on the taste breakdown, the ratio of donut to frosting, or what I’d pair with these little goodies, but let me tell you this.  Jason Graf – the apparent confection wizard behind every Habit creation – is a genius. Those donuts could have been there for hours and they probably had been, yet those were some of the best late night, get your fix donuts I’ve ever had. Every write up, great review, or friend’s story about how good they are, is no lie.

It’s time to get your ass down to Habit, people.  And chances are, you’ll probably see me there, too. I’ll be the one in the corner looking like this.




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