Ground 2 Air: World Class B-Boys vs. Air Plane


Red Bull BC One All Stars, Ronnie, a Las Vegas native, and Cico, hailing from Italy, start to battle it out in the desert outside Las Vegas. Flying overhead, two-time Red Bull Air Race champion, Kirby Chambliss, sees the b-boys and decides show them up with his aerial skills.

An all out battle between air and ground goes down, as all three guys attempt to one-up each other with their creativity and skills. The artistic expression, energy, speed, endurance, and incredible technical skill shared between both disciplines makes for one epic battle!

On August 15, the best b-boys on the continent will battle in the Red Bull BC One North America Final for the right to compete at the World Final in Paris in November.
On October 11-12, the world’s best race pilots will take to the skies above Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the seventh round of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

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