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Guide To The Best Nachos in Denver

Nothing says comfort food like a mountain of nachos covered in gooey cheese. It’s the ultimate food that chooses no appropriate time to be devoured. Watching the super bowl? Nachos. Having a Tupperware party? Nachos. Getting drunk? Nachos. At the basement getting stoned? You guessed it-munching on nachos.

But if you really want to get the best nacho experience, the best way is to visit these joints and get your hands (and mouth) on the best nachos in Denver.

Café Rio Mexican Grill

When you are in the mood for affordable but fresh and fast Mexican food, Café Rio Mexican Grill is the place to go.  The ingredients are fresh, the food comes out fast and you are always greeted with smiling faces. As for the nachos, the chile roasted beef nachos are great but the pork barbacoa nachos are even better. And for nachos short of just $10, you can happily feed 4-6 people while being serenaded with “Nacho, Nacho Man!! I want to be a Nacho Man!”

14600 W Colfax Ave. Lakewood, CO, (303) 802-8470


Rocko’s Cantina

This pub was formerly known as Rocko’s Tacos and is conveniently located along the Belmar Shopping Area of Lakewood. The best time to come is during happy hour (3pm-7pm or 10pm-2am) for their $4 Margaritas. Pair it with Rocko’s Nachos and you are good to go. Go for the Nachos de Pollo Asado, which goes with a bit of everything from chicken, black beans, and asadero to jalapeños and guacamole salsa and crema. The chips are just the right kind of crispy and the ingredients are always fresh. 6981 West Alaska Drive Lakewood, Colorado, 720-638-7365

Illegal Pete’s

First tip, order your nachos on the side so that it won’t get all soggy beneath all the things you plan to subject it to. Second tip, the homemade Queso cheese sauce is to die for. You can order just the nachos and cheese then pair it with a bottle of beer and you are all set. But then again, why stop with the cheese sauce. You can try different types of nacho chips including vegetarian and vegan options. Then top it off with either rice or beans (or both). You can then pick your add-ons like salsa, jalapeño, sour cream or green chili. Whichever way you decide to go, you just can’t go wrong with their nachos. 1530 16th St, Denver, CO, (303) 623-2169 1744 East Evans Ave, Denver, CO, (720) 974-2198 5312 DTC Blvd #400, Greenwood Village, CO, (303) 771-2277 270 South Broadway, Denver, CO, (720) 287-5233


Old Chicago

Who says nachos are strictly Mexican fare. With Old Chicago, you can get a humongous serving of their Italian nachos as your appetizer. Instead of the usual cheese and salsa, the nachos are served with their signature pizza sauce then piled with lots of mozzarella cheese. Add a batch of pepperoni, Italian sausages, and pepperoncinis and you get your delicious twist on the traditional nachos.

1280 S Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO, 303-753-0824

3550 S Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, CO, 303-988-3414

6676 S Parker Rd. Aurora, CO, 303-400-0876


The Fainting Goat

If there is such a thing as Italian nachos, why not Irish nachos. Another twist on our favorite comfort food, the homemade chips are covered in jack cheese and corned beef then sprinkled with a generous portion of biting horseradish Dijonnaise and scallions. Of course, no self-respecting Irish dish should be consumed without a pint of beer.

846 Broadway Denver, CO 303-945-2323


How about you guys? Sound-off in the comments section and tell us your go-to nachos place in Denver.

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