Dating Denver Women

How To Date a Denver Women: Have A Clear Approach

I love when a man is clear with what his intentions are for me. I’m also not afraid to ask what they are. I’ve never really been good at reading between the lines. To be quite frank, I shouldn’t have to. Men unfortunately have so many different angles. I like to call them opportunists. I never assume because I love clarity. Be clear with what’s on your mind; let me know what’s up so I can decide for myself whether or not I can hang with you. I’m pretty blunt and certainly not passive so when I see this in others I appreciate it. Now-a-days it seems like men want to be pursued and chased. That’s never been my style. I feel like it’s my job at the least to make myself available to you and show some sort of initiative.
Men seem to be more visual and have the ability to gauge right away whether or not they’re interested. As for me, my interest has to be sparked overtime because I have to build some sort of connection with you that goes beyond looks. Something intangible is what I look forward to. I thrive off the intangibles! My connection with a person means the world to me. It’s what I yearn for and helps me to build meaningful healthy relationships. I don’t take anyone I interact with or spend time with for granted. I don’t know what your purpose is in my life so I’m open! Let’s build and learn from one another.

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