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Rick Ross stepped his face tat game up today after a visit to master tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado. A permanent placement of his “Rich Forever” mantra, Rozay got the words inked smack-dab in the middle of his beard. Hurtado shared the photo of his latest work, with the caption:

“Just tattooed @richforever the man him self! “Rich Forever” under his lip. Single needle action #MMGthanks for the hospitality bro. Honored to tattoo your face.”

Back in 2012, when Rick Ross released his Rich Forever mixtape, he shared that the phrase was more than monetary.

I feel for you to be rich forever, you have to be rich with ideas, rich with concepts, rich with thoughts. To me, that’s what being rich forever is,” he told Mixtape Daily.

And now, the words will stick with him forever, and ever, and ever.

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