Is John Legend's 'All Of Me' A Modern Classic? Chrissy Teigen Answers

Chrissy Teigen is way more than just the perfect trophy wife.

Take one glance at the 28-year-old model in her swimsuit, and it becomes evident why John Legend penned “All of Me” for his recent bride. She’s the ideal muse for one of Legend’s biggest hits to date.

“It’s not just a song to me,” she explained to VIBE during an Aquafina event at the MLB Fan Cave in Manhattan. “It’s so personal for me. I don’t really listen to it like a song, I listen to it as like ‘oh, that’s my husband he’s singing about us.’”

Legend has crooned countless love ballads before but the recent success of “All of Me” has led many listeners to wonder, is it the greatest love song of all time? His wife doesn’t think so. In fact, when Teigen thinks of the best love songs, she says Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder come to mind.

“I think that if we were speaking 50 years from now, I would definitely say that [it is], it’s just scary to think about now,” she admits. “It definitely resonates with a lot of people and a lot of people love it and get it. I think it’s a very honest love song. A lot of them are flowers and butterflies and I think ours is kind of more realistic and he’s showing obviously my smart mouth, my curves and edges. We all have these different flaws and I don’t think a lot of love songs from that period of Stevie and Marvin showcase that, so it’s a different type of love song and I think it’s perfect for now.”

“All of Me” is one of the songs Teigen is comfortable admitting is on her iPod. Before her shoots, the supermodel says she listens to mostly Beyonce, Aaliyah, TLC, and some old school hip-hop.

“If you were to right now, go through my iPod, I would be very embarrassed,” she giggles. “I’m not good at that underground cool stuff, I love my radio hits. I love my Rihanna, I love my Jay Z, obviously I’m obsessed with Beyonce and John is okay.” –Christopher Harris

Find out more about Chrissy’s Aquafina Pledge. Drink. Win! campaign and visit to take the pledge. And watch John Legend perform “All Of Me” from last night’s Billboard Music Awards below.

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