Jack Johnson: All The Light Above It Too

Photo: Morgan Maassen

Jack Johnson, the multi-platinum recording artist best known for his surfy, acoustic style heard on Better Together and Banana Pancakes, just announced the release of his 7th studio album, All the Light Above It Too.

“This album shares what has been on my mind during the past year or so,” Johnson said. “A year in which I sailed through the North Atlantic Gyre for a documentary about plastic pollution in the ocean. A year in which Trump was elected as the President of the United States. A year in which I camped, surfed, got stitches, explored, dreamed, shared time and endless conversations with my family and friends…all of which inspired these songs.”

Johnson, who handled most of the instrumentation himself just as he did 17 years ago, recorded the new album over the past year at his Mango Tree Studio in Hawaii.

“I usually make sketches of the songs first then set up a time to actually record the album. This time around the original sketches became the final versions. I didn’t want to lose any of the spirit that a song has in its rawest form.”

The album’s first single, “My Mind is for Sale,” was released on July 14th; the same day Johnson played yet another sold out show at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater here in Denver. The single is available through all digital platforms and fans are also able to pre-order a limited number of exclusive album bundles through www.jackjohnsonmusic.com/store.

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