Jay Z & Drake React Gracefully To Nets vs. Raptors Series

Amidst a light-jab throwing, no-real-beef-having Cold War between Jay Z and Drake, the two showed class as the Brooklyn Nets edged out the Toronto Raptors to win Game 7 of the NBA Playoffs’ first round. After holding onto a considerable lead, for most of the game, the Raptors made a comeback in the fourth quarter, and suffered a one-point loss to the Nets with a score of 104-103.

And like a gentleman, Jay Z took to Twitter (yes, he tweeted again) to congratulate the Raptors on a competitive series:

Returning the respect, Drake posted to Instagram in celebration of his Raptors’ season with the caption, “Incredible year! Incredible team! Congrats to Brooklyn for advancing. #416 #NorthernUprising”

Well played, guys. Now the Brooklyn Nets will move onto the Eastern Conference semifinals and face the Miami Heat.

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