Kid Cudi Is Gearing Up To Score His First Film

Starring in movies? Been there, done that. For his next trick, Kid Cudi will be leveling up and taking the Jay Z route and scoring his first film. Today, Borderline Films announced that Mr. Mescudi will both starring in and scoring the forthcoming movie, James White.

According to the film’s Kickstarter page, James White is a “frenetic coming of age story about a young New Yorker struggling to take control of his reckless, self destructive behavior in the face of momentous family challenges.”

Besides Cudder, the movie will star Christopher Abbott (Girls) as the main character as well as Sex and the City‘s Cynthia Nixon and Office Space‘s Ron Livingston. Production is all finished, but no release date has been announced as yet. Don’t worry, you’ll still get your Cudi fix in the upcoming Entourage movie, in theaters June 2015.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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