KimYe Will Reportedly Wed At The Palace Of Versailles

Scratch the grandeur of a Kimye wedding in Florence, Italy, and replace it with an even bigger nuptial celebration at the Palace of Versailles. While Kanye West and Kim Kardashian initially denied that the (larger than life, we’re sure) affair would be taking place at the French castle that was once home to three kings, sources are now pointing to it as the definite location.

With Jay Z and Beyonce already locked in as guests (and Hov possibly playing best man), Kim and Kanye’s wedding will reportedly be the finale to a week-long series of parties around France. Regardless of where it takes place, however, Yeezy is a happy camper.

“Pretty excited. But very happy,” he recently told La Nazione. “I’m a romantic. I gave Kim a wall of flowers on Mother’s Day. The family is everything to me. It is the antidote to the pressure of fame. The family and the creativity relax me. And I like to create for my family.”

One thing’s for certain: there will be a big hoopla in Europe thanks to the Wests.

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