Kobe Bryant, LeBron James & Other NBA Players Respond To Donald Sterling

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s disgraceful racist comments have certainly rubbed NBA players and other stars the wrong way. After Sterling was reportedly recorded berating his girlfriend for publicly associating herself with “minorities” and inviting Magic Johnson to Clippers games, many have take the side that Chris Paul and company should boycott tomorrow’s (April 27) playoff game. Coach Doc Rivers has confirmed however, that the Clippers will take the court.

“We’re playing. We’re playing Golden State, and Golden State is our enemy right now,” he said today. “[…]We heard about all of the boycotts and all of the other stuff. That’s all stuff we could do. We choose to play. […]The biggest statement we can make as men – not as black men, but as men – is to stick together and show how strong we are as a group. Not splinter. Not walk. It’s easy to protest. The protest will show in our play.”

Other players around the NBA have also voiced their opinion on the matter, including LeBron James, who addressed the controversy in a pre game interview:

“Basketball is huge, obviously the playoffs have been unbelievable, and I hate the fact that something like this has to come out when the playoffs have been unbelievable and the game of basketball continues to grow, but there is no room for Donald Sterling in our league. There is no room for him,” James said, adding that Commissioner Adam Silver needs to act quickly.

Still more NBA players continue to weigh in on Sterling and the Clippers, including Kobe Bryant and Baron Davis, who has previously complained about Sterling’s racism.

Kobe Bryant:

David West:

Baron Davis:

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