Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary Denver

Let’s Smoke: Find The Best Marijuana Dealer Shops in Denver

Denver is a state where the production and sale of recreational marijuana is completely legal. For people who like an occasional hit or two of marijuana, Denver is one of the best places to find a marijuana dealer shop and get great strains of the product. You have quite a few options, if you are looking for the best marijuana dealer shops in Denver. However, keep in mind that sale of legal marijuana in Denver is limited to an ounce for residents of Denver, and a quarter of an ounce to people coming from other areas.

Although the legalization of marijuana was a popular move, many localities did not want licensed marijuana dispensaries in their area. As a result, you might have to do a bit of research to find a good marijuana dealer shop as they are scattered all over Denver. Fortunately, there are over a hundred licensed marijuana dealer shops within Denver, and the first step to find one is to take a look at the list of registered dealer shops and choose the ones nearest to your place.

Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary Denver

  1. Mile High Medical Cannabis Store – The Mile High Medical Cannabis store at Federal Boulevard is conveniently located near the Mile High Stadium and stocks a number of great strains for you to sample.

1705 Federal Boulevard, Denver, CO 80204 • Phone: 303.455.9333


  1. Health Center – The Health Center in North Downing Street is a place with interesting décor where you can get marijuana for medical and recreational use.

1736 Downing St., Denver, CO 80218 • Phone: 303.758.9997


  1. 3D Cannabis Center – Another popular dealer shop is the 3D Cannabis Center, located at North Brighton. The rustic feel to the place and the many interesting varieties of marijuana available make it a major hit with the locals.

4305 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO 80216 • Phone: 303.297.1657


  1. Kindman – For a more spartan, no nonsense location, try the Kindman at North Elati Street for some good quality marijuana.

4125 Elati St, Denver, CO 80216 • Phone: (303) 546-3626


  1. Evergreen Apothecary – The Evergreen Apothecary is a place all strains available are displayed with color coded jars denoting prices, making it easy for you to look around and make a choice.

1568 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80210 • Phone: 303-722-1227

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