Little India’s Lunch Buffet Is On Point

The best part of my visit was the buffet food selection, I thought everything tasted good but was most impressed with the amount of veggie-based options available. My favorite item from the buffet is the butter chicken or the tandoori chicken.

I’ve been to Little India many times and the food is always consistent

Drae Mills
My plate at Little India

I’m a big fan so I definitely will return sooner than later. I’ll return with my wife and two little girls for a family dinner.

The are we were seated was comfortable.

The music volume was to my perfect I could hear it but it didn’t take away from my conversation.

I would rate the value of our food as moderate value, we paid $25 + $5 tip.

They seemed to have a good drink selection but I was interested.

I can’t think of any missing items they should be offering. I’ll update this blog once I go with my kids and get feedback from them.

Little India Belmar

I rate the range of options on the menu as JUST RIGHT, Something For everyone.

The service was friendly and welcoming, We were greeted at the door right away, when I was done with my plate the waiter took it right away and when my water was low it got refilled right away.

The food came out fast because it was a lunch buffet. 

I had no issues, I came and received what I wanted!

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