Nobody really knows what’s going on with Mariah Carey‘s much-delayed 14th studio album. One minute, the opus formerly known asThe Art Of Letting Go is getting a surprise release a la Beyonce — the next, Def Jam is pulling the plug and going with something more traditional. It’s a mess unbefitting a legend of Mimi’s standing but she will, no doubt, rise above and remain triumphant.

The “#Beautiful” diva clearly believes in the project and she’s doing her all to plug it despite the embarrassing setbacks. Hell, Mariah even stripped for Terry Richardson in the name of promotion! The stunning 45-year-old posed for the sleazy snapper on the cover of Wonderland. magazine in sexy Agent Provocateur lingerie and her own glamorous accessories (of course, Mimi owns long leather gloves and multiple pearl necklaces).

I don’t know how I feel about Mariah adding her name to the already long list of pop stars to disrobe for Terry Richardson but she manages to keep it relatively classy by covering up (to a certain extent) with a silk jacket. I also love that she’s holding a glass of champagne. There just needs to be a rainbow in the background for this to be the most Mimi image ever! See the full cover after the jump.