Michael Jackson Face is Burned Onto My Hand


I was about 5 years old and I had a Michael Jackson action figure doll. I used to take the doll with me everywhere. I loved that thing. Anyhow, my family use to live in this older house and it had a gas stove furnace in the living room. At night I used to warm up my pillow on the top of it. I don’t know why I did this, I just did it. Well, on one particular night I woke up to warm up my pillow and I had my MJ action figure with me. I thought to myself, “Hey Michael may be a little cold too”, so I warmed him up on the furnace. Next thing I know his face was melting and some of the plastic got on my hand. My skin bubbled up really big and I popped it with a needle and all this juice oozed out of it. I got a really bad scar on my hand because of his melting face. So now I permanently have MJ’s face on my hand. But here is the scary part…the next week is when MJ’s hair got caught on fire at the concert. My older brother was like, “You know why that happened?” and I replied “no.” He said, “Voodoo, you melted MJ’s face and now he caught on fire.” At the time I had never heard of voodoo. I was horrified! Pretty crazy right?

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