It wasn’t all fun and games in the world of comedy yesterday when Kevin Hart got wind of a certain fellow comedian called him “overrated.” In an interview on K104’s DeDe In The Morning, Mike Epps was asked to name an overrated comedian, to which he quickly replied with Hart.

“One overrated comedian: Kevin Hart,” he said. “In this business right here, guess what? Sometimes marketing could be bigger than talent. This business is not about being funny; this business is about being forced on people. You could be forced on people and then be really, really funny. If the business was based on funny, wouldn’t none of these suckers be in it. If business was based off being handsome, wouldn’t none of them — everybody that’s rich is ugly.”

When the insult made its way to onto Hart’s radar, the star of the upcoming Think Like A Man Too film took to Instagram with a video message reply (below). His caption read: “Hey @eppsie don’t wake up this monster pimp. If you want me to be honest, I’m showing you what you should of did when you had your shot at success!!!! Oooooh Killlleeeemmmm…. You do clubs & small theaters… I DO ARENA’S man. You do small movies….I DO MOTION PICTURES & SEQUELS!!! So go pick a fight with somebody in ur league like CHUCKY DUCKY or somebody…no offense CHUCKY DUCKY!!!”

Kevin Hart Insta:

And after that, the rest was Twitter beef history. Hart and Epps proceeded to volley 140-character insults at each other. Peep the highlights below:

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