New Music: Cassidy ‘Ain’t No Beat Safe’

Cassidy has made a vow to destroy any beat he hears and “even halfway likes” for the sake of “real hip-hop fans.” After ripping through Nicki Minaj’s “Lookin’ Ass Nigga,” he jumps on the rapstress’ heals again and bodies her “Chiraq” collaborate with Lil’ Herb. Oh, and he take addresses the ratchet headline of the week: Mimi Faust’s sextape:

“So a lot of people like ‘I wonder how her daughter feel?’/ Her daughter gon’ be rich when she get that shower pole endorsement deal/ Her daughter still gon’ be able to look in her mother’s eyes/ ‘Cause all you groupies made movies, that shit just didn’t get publicized/ So Mimi, it’s cool to fuck and suck cock but/ Last season you got implants, this season you need butt shots…”

Spin Cassidy’s “Ain’t No Beat Safe” highway rap robbery below:

Source: Vibe

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