Dame is officially back to work! The man who we loved hearing pop shit on early Roc-A–Fella records has reentered the booth to bring us his trademark sense of bravado to rap music. He starts things off by talkin’ a lil’ smack over a new track with Harlem’s Sen City. Everybody probably doesn’t know that Dame and Sen go back over 20 years. Produced by Ben The Glorious Bastard.

“I don’t stack, I flip, and I only flip as I’m inspired. And this is what I suggest, find a good woman, a woman with taste, a woman with style, you don’t really wanna hang around n****s too much, the egos make them jealous, but a woman, if you treat her right, she’ll be loyal, and she’ll teach you, and she’ll fight for you. I’m in the “Fuck N****s” crew. Pause. N****s is the new bitches, and I mean that in the most sincere way.”

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