Nicki Minaj 'Pink Print' Single Coming This Week


Nicki Minaj hit the stage at Power 106’s Powerhouse 2014, but she also dropped a few tidbits with the station regarding her upcoming album The Pink Print as well. Sharing that she will be returning to her rapstress roots, the self-dubbed “queen of motherfuckin’ hip-hop” also shared that her new single will be released this week.

“I turned down a lot of features this year just because I wanted to focus on that feel first. And actually we’re gonna drop the single on Wednesday for The Pink Print, so I’m very excited.”

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Stating that she will use the album to “reintroduce” herself, Nicki also talked her new toned down look, as well as the prospect of doing more movie roles following the success of The Other Woman. The YMCMB first lady also chatted with Rap-Up about what the coming single will sound like.

“I feels very uplifting, and it feels very soulful. It’s a great indicator, I think, of what The Pink Print will feel like in terms of the storyline of that song.”

She also reiterated that her highly-anticipated would be a return to her beginnings.

“The Pink print will remind people why they fell in love with Nicki Minaj, and I think that needs to be done.”

Watch Nicki Minaj talk The Pink Print in the videos above and below.


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