Papoose Thinks Everybody Felt Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Was ‘Sweet’

Papoose loves to speak his mind. In a recent interview with VLAD TV, the self-proclaimed “King of NY” shared some of his thoughts on Drake’s Nothing Was The Same. While we thought the album was one of the year’s best releases, Pap claims the masses beg to differ.

“It was what it was. Basically it was a Drake truck, Drake’s Cakes,” he said of the below Instagram post. “I put it up or whatever and I said his album was sweet. A lot of people felt like that. That was the energy at the time about his album.”

“Everybody was saying behind the scenes, ‘Yo, Drake’s album is sweet,’ but they scared to say it publicly,” he continued. “I’m not one of them dudes. Everybody feel like that album was sweet I just was the only one who verbalized it. Not to say he don’t make some good records from time to time, that particular album I feel like it was sweet. No big deal.”

Interesting. Later in the interview, he still gave props to Drake for putting out some quality material. “I think he get off sometimes. You can’t deny that. I think sometimes he get off,” he said. Watch the entire interview on VLAD.
Source: Vibe

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