Pharrell Covers ‘W’ Magazine’s Art Issue

Pharrell continues to show why he is 1 of 1. After bagging Grammys and the first iHeartRadio Innovator award, crafting the global hit “Happy” and making the Vivienne Westwood hat a staple in his wardrobe, the 40-year-old baby-faced artist covered W magazine’s art issue and painted a pretty picture of how it feels to live in the limelight.

The avid art collector and fashion extraordinaire also spilled the details about his new adidas deal, even revealing the name of his new line.


“I have a new clothing collaboration with Adidas. And it’s called Adidas = Pharrell Williams,” he said. “I know I can’t trademark the equal sign, and that’s fine with me because, you know what? It’s just…equal. The ‘Happy’ video is about equality; my music is about equality, and being associated with the idea of equal got me where I am now.”

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Read the full interview here.

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