Shelly Sterling Accepting Offers For L.A. Clippers, Oprah Out Of The Running

Shelly Sterling will begin accepting offers to cop the Los Angeles Clippers, the team she and her estranged husband, Donald Sterling, currently own.

According to TMZ Sports, the current frontrunner is former Microsoft owner Steve Ballmer. This past Sunday, Shelly and Ballmer met at her Malibu home, where she was presented with a very competitive offer.

Last month, Donald was recorded saying racist comments against people of color, and was slapped with a lifetime ban from the NBA, and a fine of $2.5 million dollars. He and his wife have also been pressured to sell the team they’ve owned together for the past 33 years.

Other potential buyers include:
-David Geffen and Larry Ellison
-Magic Johnson and the Guggenheim Partners
-Patrick Soon-Shiong
-Grant Hill Group

Oprah is reportedly no longer making a play to buy the team. The Clippers is said to be worth upward of $1.5 billion.

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