Making the wardrobe transition from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer can often seem so BLAH! For myself, its such a difficulty to make the change but quite necessary. The tweed suits, scarfs and John Lobb boots become, linen suits, hanky’s and saddle shoes.

Read on for tips on how  to keep you SUMMER COOL.

Lets start upstairs shall we? Sunglasses are a signature and staple piece of “cool”. You can tell a lot from a persons shades. Some try to be too cool and go with the over sized frames that actually increase the size of your head at first sight.  Some actually go with too small of a frame and their head really looks larger. In selecting the right pair of sunglasses, choose the ones that fit your face. Be sure to NOT choose the ones that completely cover your eyes, eyebrows, forehead and hairline. Not saying you have to go with the most expensive or cheapest ones, but definitely purchase the perfect pair.

Moving down to the chest area, TEE IT UP!!! T-shirts are a man’s favorite in the summer time. Theres nothing like a good t-shirt that FITS just right. Don’t buy t-shirts that fit too small and rises above the navel when you raise your arm(s). Don’t go too big, as this will make you look completely sloppy and un-proportional.

Down below, YOU GOTTA COORDINATE! Make sure your belt, and shoes match each other. This is how your outfit really comes together. DON’T EVER DO BROWN WITH BLACK!!!! Color belts are fine as long as it matches with everything else. Use the photo below as an example. These two aren’t the same color but yet, they match quite well.

P.S. Don’t get dressed for where you’ve been, get dress for where you’re going!

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