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The Game Judges Charity Youth Film Festival

The latest deed in The Game’s string of charitable efforts through his The Robin Hood Project charity was the rapper’s participation in a youth film festival yesterday (May 17). Headed by The Bresee Foundation in Los Angeles, the festival challenged the city’s high school students to create media to answer the question, “What will it take to solve the gang problem in Los Angeles?”

Serving alongside Wilmer Valderrama and Hill Harper, The Game was among the judges who chose the films that were screened at Fox Studios. The rapper’s foundation joined HBO and Fox Entertainment Group as official sponsors for the event.

The Game took to his Instagram after the festival to share his efforts with a photo of himself and the participants, with the following caption:

“Want to thank #Bresee youth film makers #HBO &#FoxStudios for allowing myself &@therobinhoodproject to be apart of today’s youth film awards… It was a beautiful & touching awards ceremony & I’m proud to say I was appreciated enough to be a presenter. #EachOneTeachOne #TheRobinHoodProject”

Photo credit: Vincent Sandoval

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