Things You Should Know About Your Local Starbucks

Everyone loves Starbucks! The thousands of coffee and tea combinations plus the pleasant ambience at the diner make it America’s favorite coffee joint. Studies corroborate the popularity of the café with the statistics that regular customers visit their favorite Starbucks at least 16 times a month. The company also gathers much appreciation at the way they treat employees. In fact, Starbucks spends more on employee healthcare than on coffee beans!

Besides, recently it also announced plans to fund the college education of interested staff members. All these benefits make it a happy place to work, and in turn, an amazing coffee corner to visit as well. However, as you set yourself for the next trip to any of your favorite round tables in Denver, here is a lookout on the few drinks that you should avoid.

These combinations are not exactly healthy, so to say. Until the coffee chain renounces these, you need to do your part in avoiding them.starbucks-Denver

  • Do not try the White Hot Chocolate: The very name of this order should be a turn-off. Hello…hot chocolate must be chocolatey! Anyways, a round of this white indecision contains a suffocating amount of saturated fat. You cannot be that cruel to your carotid artery!


  • Look past the Caramel Apple Spice Drink: Essentially, this order brings you a gigantic glass of apple syrup with whipped cream topping. The heavy sugar amount in the whole combination should make your teeth cringe just at the thought of it.


  • Cancel Eggnog Latte to be able to speak freely: Trying an eggnog latte may not be a good choice if you are going to meet someone. Beaten egg juice does what it does best…it gets you bad breathe. Besides, this latte is so superficial in cholesterol that you must avoid it on pure health reasons (even if you are not exactly offensive to eggnogs).

Every Starbucks aficionado has his or her personal favorites and no-go drinks. Hopefully, the above list helps you try the best and dismiss the rest at the amazing coffee corner.


  • Starbucks Has A Secret Menu
  • Starbucks Have A Kids Menu with Kids Cups 
  • If You Buy A No Waste Cup And Then Use It When Buying A Tall Drink, Starbucks Always Give You A Grande


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