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Tyga May Land In Jail… For His Pet Tiger

Tyga may have thought that owning the literal interpretation of his stage name was cool, but it may cost him some jail time.

After the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) got word through an anonymous tip that the Young Money rapper was housing a Bengal tiger, they showed up to his Calabasas home to investigate. Upon reaching Tyga’s residence, the tiger was not on the premises. After questioning the rapper about the whereabouts of the 7-month old cub, Tyga informed the authorities that he had sent his tiger to a an animal shelter.

The CDFW retrieved the tiger cub from a shelter in Ventura county – which was only established to accommodate household pets -and relocated him. Now the rapper faces violation of the state’s Fish and Game Code which prohibits unlicensed owners from housing restricted species… like tigers.

Tyga could face up to six months in jail if found guilty of the misdemeanor charge.

Poor kitty.

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