Erykah Badu Gives Twitter Sex Advice

Sex advice is always taken with a grain of salt… unless you’re Erykah Badu, and in that case we’re attentive and taking notes. The songstress with a body that can stop traffic and tons of men sprung on her decided to give her followers a lesson on sex education early Sunday (May 18).

In a series of tweets, @FatBellyBella taught her ladies how to get a sweet scented lady-region, “Ladies..For a SWEET vagina I Drink raw cranberries often.” She didn’t leave the men out and taught them a lesson on keeping their junk in their pants, “IMPORTANT Note to MEN: Women really don’t dig guys who give it up too easy. Respect yourself. Make us wait. :-b”


Now that the secret to Badu’s sex is out, how many are adding cranberries to their diet?

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