Watch The First Episode Of 50 Cent’s Starz Series ‘Power’


Omari Hardwick stars in the new Starz series, Power, as a New York City nightclub owner, James “Ghost” St. Patrick, whose criminal past haunts his ability to go legit. Executive produced and co-starring 50 Cent, Power also features appearances by Naturi Naughton, LaLa Anthony and Joseph Sikora. A “visionary crime drama,” Power highlights Ghost’s teetering between two worlds.

“And the arc for his character is really interesting because it has women as representations for both routes,” 50 Cent told VIBE recently. “It has a theme of a love story and it has a lot of action and drama that you would have [since the story takes place] from the streets of New York City. He’s making it to the point to where you would actually be able to financially buy the nightclub with no problem and own the places and things you see in the actual [series].”

Ahead of its June 7 premiere, viewers can have a first look at the premiere before it hits TV. Watch the entire first episode of Starz’s Power above.

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