Watch: Justin Bieber Talks God & Forgiveness


Before getting tatted up, arrested and allegedly using drugs, Justin Bieber has professed to his Christian upbringing since his early days of stardom. In a new video clip (above), Biebs circles back to his values and drops some spiritual knowledge on God and forgiveness.

“Imagine someone killing your son. Like a bunch of people killing your [son]; these are your people,” he said. “It’s like, how are you killing — that’s my son. It’s gonna be hard for you to forgive. God forgave everyone, and they killed his son. That show’s how much grace God [has]”

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The clip appears at the end of Christian rapper Brandon Burke’s video “The Pledge.” Burke tapped Bieber for help with GG4G (GoGettaz 4 God) project, in hopes of getting one million “Pledges for God.”

“Special shoutout to lil bro Justin Bieber for his love, support, and words of insight,” Burke writes in the video’s YouTube description. Watch the full “The Pledge” video below.


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