Watch: Nicki Minaj Schools Us On The Term 'Yasss Bish'

For Nicki Minaj, the term “Yasss Bish” had a clear distinction when she chose it as the title of her latest track. Sitting down with Yahoo! while filming a commercial for her Myx Fusions moscato, YMCMB’s first lady gives her take on the term “yasss” and its origins.

“I guess, you know, drag queens started that lingo,” she said. “Females, we adopted it, and it makes us very cocky and very sexy and feminine.”

Giving kudos to RuPaul’s Drag Race and declaring that giving a woman a “yasss bish” soundoff means an endorsement of her flyness, Nicki put the phrase into context for those who were unaware of its meaning in relation to a simple “yes.”

“It’s just putting on a billion times the attitude to the word yes,” she said. “I’m confirming that you’re the shit.”

And that’s your vocabulary lesson today boys and girls, courtesy of of Ms. Minaj. Class is dismissed, watch the video below:

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