Watch: T.I. Joins Lady Gaga To Perform ‘Jewels And Drugs’ For The First Time

When Lady Gaga debuted “Jewels & Drugs,” featured rapper T.I. couldn’t join her. “They wouldn’t let him into the country for me,” she wailed at London’s iTunes Festival, before she urged the crowd to put their hands up for T.I.’s label imprint Hustle Gang. Fortunately, T.I. had no problem strolling into Gaga’s Madison Square Garden show to perform his ARTPOP verse for the first time.

For the sold-out crowd, and for those keeping track of Gaga’s artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tour, it was a brief but memorable highlight. T.I. spit and busted his GIF-worthy dance moves to his and Too $hort‘s verses. (Born to Mack, forever.) Gaga briefly played hype man, before she and T.I. descended below the stage with her leg wrapped around his body, reestablishing what she first told fans about the unexpected collaboration: “I’m a fan of all different kinds of music. Aren’t you?”

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