What You Should Be Doing This Weekend: Jay Z Vs. Solange, Billboard Awards, 'Godzilla' & More

The Internet was hella kind to us this week. From all-out celebrity debacles to everyday people acting an entertaining fool, there is plenty to catch up on with your weekend downtime (if you’re lucky to have any). There is much music, TV and sports to keep you busy as well. Here’s what you should be doing this weekend. –Iyana Robertson

1. Getting the Jay Z/Solange fight out of your system
While Jay Z, Solange and Beyonce have professed to moving on from the elevator fight peeped all around the world, that doesn’t mean you have to just yet. If you’re anything like this writer, you see something new every time you run it back. Oh, and give the memes and parodies a couple more days. They’re funny.

2. Tuning into the Billboard Awards
This Sunday is the 2014 Billboard Awards and there are plenty of reasons not to miss out. With Ludacris assuming hosting duties, J. Lo receiving an Icon Award, and a Michael Jackson “world premiere experience” (hologram?), this year’s show will be nothing short of stuck-to-your-couch worthy.

3. Bumping Michael Jackson’s Xscape
We’ve dubbed Michael Jackson’s new album Xscape as “eternal greatness,” and with good reason. The album boasts vintage MJ tracks that have never made it onto classics like Dangerous and Bad, with production from Timbaland as the musical cherry on top. Beside, when MJ makes an album – posthumous or not – you listen.

4. Going to see Godzilla
The beast is back, and this time the extraordinary Bryan Cranston stars in the Godzilla reboot. The sure-to-be blockbuster features updated graphics and dramatic appeal that give the 2014 version the edge to rule the box office. Ugly creatures need love too.

5. Helping Ab-Soul choose his album release date
If your thumbs have a free moment to tweet, dedicate 140 characters to helping Ab-Soul pick the drop date for his upcoming These Days track. All the Tuesdays in June are your choices, hit him up or don’t complain.

6. Undergoing Donald Sterling’s messy CNN interview
“Undergo” is more appropriate word than “watch” for Donald Sterling’s sit-down with Anderson Cooper earlier this week. He cries at one point and throws Magic Johnson under the bus at another. If for no other reason, tune into the guy shooting himself in the foot.

7. Celebrating the return of Dipset and Lil’ Wayne
Cam’Ron’s “Dipshits” and Lil’ Wayne’s “D’usse” are easily the most important new tracks in rap this week, as Killa Cam teams back up with Juelz Santana, and Weezy sounds more focused than ever. Don’t be shy with that repeat button.

8. Watching the NBA Playoffs Conference Finals
It’s down to the final four teams fighting to win that Larry O’Brien. Will Kevin Durant and the Thunder be able to edge past the Spurs? Will the Heat go for a three-peat by knocking out Paul George and the Pacers? Get that bet money together.

9. Voguing to Rihanna with this EMT
The lovely Internets give us gems each and every week, but none shined brighter than this EMT getting every inch of his life while voguing to Rihanna’s “Pour It Up.” It’s the weekend, go on and hit those poses with him.

10. Peeping Gotham and Black-ish, How To Get Away trailers
There are now at least three reasons to get excited about fall television: Jada Pinkett in Gotham, Tracee Ellis-Ross, Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne in Black-ish, and Shonda Rhimes’ upcoming new series How To Get Away With Murder. Get into those trailers, then get all the way impatient for their premieres.

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