Hip-Hop DJs You Should Follow in Denver

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With a thriving hip-hop scene, it is no wonder why Denver keeps on producing some of the most talented DJs in the nation. It actually is no surprise anymore when you attend an event and find out that a renowned DJ is hosting it. Even with the rich hip-hop nightclub scene, there is still a very stiff competition because of the level of talent being produced by the 303. You have got to be special to stand out.

For us, here are the DJs who are must-sees (hear) here in Denver:

KDJ Above

KDJ Above
This guy worked his way up from spinning in different events around Denver and honed his skills while mixing for KS107.5. He has built his legend through his battle with DJ Ktone when he literally blew up the speakers with his mix. Always a crowd favorite for his neo-soul and top-40 hits mashups.

DJ KTone

Not just a master mixer, he’s got an eye for talent too. Probably the DJ with the biggest following in Denver, he also is known for launching the careers of several hip-hop artists like Iamsu and Big Krit. Always watch out for his annual birthday bash where he showcases his skills with some top acts like B.O.B.

DJ Top Shelf

dj top shelf
If you want something with a little more Southern flare, then DJ Top Shelf is your man. Fairly new compared to other people on this list, this guy brought his Alabama roots and mixed it with the latest mainstream and underground hits. A member of the Core DJs, he also has a mix show on Shade 45 at Sirius Radio.

DJ Big Spade

dj big spade
Also known as DrXclusive, this guy has deep connections and can even bring in guys like Lil Boosie and E-40 to Denver. This guy is a master mixer, transitioning from mainstream hits, to reggae, to classics without much effort. No wonder why he is one of the most well-known DJs in the 303.

Mu$a Bailey

musa bailey
A veteran of the local hip-hop scene and probably the most beloved DJ in Denver, this guy has been at it for more than a decade. Even now that he is the music director at Cold Crush, he still throws it down every Saturday and on events that he calls Hip-Hop for Grown Ups.

DJ Bedz

dj bedz
Easily one of the most hard-working man in Denver Hip-Hop. Aside from manning the DJ booth for the Nuggets’ home games, he is also a regular 95.7 The Party. He also holds weekly shows at Suite 200, Ultra Lounge, and Press Play. He is best known for his ongoing mixtape series, Party to Go, whose funds go to Safehouse Denver.

DJ Staxx

dj staxx
The first DJ to win the Building Connections DJ competition three years in a row. If you think that is not solid enough of an achievement, he did it against some of the people on this list like KDJ above and KTone. He also had opened for popular artists like Ice Cube, Lloyd Banks, and Kendrick Lamar. Catch hime on his weekly events at Primetime Sports Bar.

Chris Karns

DJ Chris Karns
A man who paid his dues while playing the hip-hop circuit in Denver and someone who reached the top after winning the 2011 DMC World Championship, you know you are looking at a legend in the making when you impress even the legendary DJ Qbert.

DJ Chonz

DJ Chonz
One of the most recognizable hip-hop figures in Denver, he regularly DJs for KS107.5FM. Considered as a veteran, he is still one of the most sought-after DJs in Denver and his shows at the local scenes are stuffs of legends. As a graduate of the Music Industry Program at the University of Colorado, he is a firm advocate of education and even hosted an all inclusive scholarship to the same program last summer. An all-around nice guy who can spin in just his chones (slang for underwear), DJ Chonz is one guy you want to always party with.

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